1. Make sure the tire air pressure is as specified on the tire. Lower the pressure by 10 to 15 lbs for light loads.

2. Please tighten the wheel nuts after using your trailer for the first time.

3. Please grease the wheel bearings every year or every 5000 km.

4. Please check if the dust caps are still at the end of the axles.

5. Please always put a safety pin on the coupling hand.

6. Please adjust the brake bands at the first kilometer and every 5000 km. Some adjust automatically (ratchet reverse)

7. Please grease the connector with electrical grease regularly.

8. Please check that the coupling hand is the same size as the ball and that it is securely engaged before each use.

9. Please check that the safety chains are crossed and attached correctly to the vehicle towing the trailer before each use.

10. Please check if all trailer lights are working properly before each use.

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